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Supporting Your Culture, Programs, and Operations for
Measureable Change.

Our Purpose

As a health care and social service provider you make a tremendous impact on the community you serve. You provide important services to clients, you transform the community you are located in, and you advocate for issues that help improve the health and socio-economic outcomes of the community you serve – you are invested in your community.

And yet, new challenges arise and old challenges persist: unstable sources of funding; new regulatory requirements; changing policy and legislation; training your staff on emerging and ongoing health care and prevention issues; showing funders the results of your hard work – all of this, in addition to providing the best care and services possible to your community.

The HHS Grantee Support Center by The MayaTech Corporation provides tailored solutions to address your greatest needs. With over 30 years of experience, our team of technical and subject matter experts will cooperatively work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a personalized approach to address those needs and help you in your journey in making a difference in your community and with your clients and patients.

Our services and products can aid your efforts to:

  • Navigate the HHS funding landscape
  • Adapt to the changing healthcare environment
  • Ensure a culturally competent workforce
  • Remain engaged with emerging research and policy developments
  • Plan, develop, and execute small- and large-scale evaluations
  • Train staff on evidence-based interventions and promising best practices in health-related prevention, treatment, and care
  • Build the capacity of your board of directors, executive leadership, paid or volunteer staff, fiscal managers, evaluators, and project directors
  • Develop a sustainability plan
  • Develop, host, and maintain your organizational Intranets, websites, social media accounts
  • Develop and maintain data collection, management, and monitoring systems tools